Regulation of the Natural Reserve


The decree of April 15, 1980 and the prefect decision of July 16, 1982 regulate all activities in the Reserve

Diren Franche-Comté Are prohibited :
- the entrance of public outside the communal ways;
- the introduction or destruction of animals, plants and minerals;
- the rejection of garbage and rubbish;
- any industrial, mining or commercial activities;
- the presence of dogs without leash;
- fishing from the lake banks;
- bathing outside the leisure area (beach);
- camping and all sports activities;

Human activities

The farms and forestry contribute to the maintenance and the conservation of the environment. Fishing is limited to a small number of boats, only on the lake; hunting is exerted only on part of the marsh. All these activities proceed in dialogue with the manager of the Reserve, while trying to take into account the environmental requirements.