New displays, on the fauna and the flora of Haut-Doubs, in environmental showcases. Each room, presented below, welcomes adults and childrens. Interactive exhibits, computer terminals and childrens' corners are available for everyone's full enjoyment.

Reserve display

The Natural Reserve of the Lake Remoray, a protected space

Created for the diversity and the wealth of its environments, each one of them is presented in a specific way with its principal ecological richnesses, an evaluation of the noted dysfunctions and the actions of management undertaken to cure it.

Pasture and forest display

Pasture and forest, the mark of man

A stroll between meadow and forest, an excursion in the mountain pasture, a look at the vertiginous cliffs. These are rich and diversified environments frequently created and maintained by the man. A presentation of fauna and flora characteristics of these environments occupy a privileged place. An ecological approach, i.e. a taking into account of the relation between the species and their habitats, is shown.

Humid areas display

Humid areas, fragile balances

Along the water, from the peat-bog to the marsh, from the lake to the moorland, the mysterious nature is revealed. Inhospitable and uncultivated, the humid areas remained forsaken for a long time by humans. Left to themselves, they evolved during centuries and still evolve more or less quickly today. In the last century, the progress of mechanization have increased the dewatering and substantial destruction of these surfaces. Bespite the start of awakening on their usefullness, the message of alarm deserves well to be continued.